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Dental health education

May 24, 2013

Dear Mrs. Purcell,

Thank you for visiting our classrooms and teaching us how to take good care of our teeth. We always enjoy your visit. 
The Students and Teachers at Roscoe Central School

The growing need for our services

September 8,  2012

Dear Dr. Escarra,

“I believe the PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program (PRASAD CDHP) is a great program because it allows access to dental care at an early age for kids most vulnerable to dental problems.

According to a recent study by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, the trend in this country has gone from a decrease in dental caries to an increasing trend in children.

This is a scary prospect especially in the current economic climate faced by public health programs funded by taxpayer dollars. PRASAD is truly even more important in light of these tough times.

It is quite important to teach and treat kids at an early age to prevent small problems from becoming big ones! Oral health is the precursor to the health of the rest of the body.

PRASAD CDHP is truly a wonderful program worth supporting where an ounce of prevention really is better than a pound of cure! Please know that you can depend on my full support!

Yours in the interest of better dental health,

Gary” (Dr. Gary Berson, DDS)

Sullivan County, NY

Dental Health Education

“Many thanks for your return to Roscoe Central School. The students and staff look forward to your visits, and have even incorporated the experience into their classrooms. We all look forward to your next visit!”
Patti C., School Nurse, BSN

We had the pleasure of having Sue Purcell come to our school and speak to our Elementary and Health Class in the Middle/High School. She was fantastic! She was informative & energetic, and the students and staff learned something!

It is also a pleasure to deal with Ivette Acosta, the Clinic Assistant and the Dental Van. Thank you so much for this wonderful service.

Mary E. Davis RN
School Nurse
Livingston Manor Central School

A gift from the Fallsburg Lions Club

Hurleyville—Fallsburg Lions Club President, Miranda Behan, left, presents a donation to Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra, Administrator for PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program. In accepting the gift, Dr. Escarra said, “Thank you very much for this generous donation, which will greatly benefit the children of our community“

This is not the first time that the Fallsburg Lion’s Club has reached out to support the unique dental clinic on wheels. “The kids are our future; if we don’t take care of them, we’ve got nothing,” said Behan.

A special gift in honor of a loved one:

“This is a charitable contribution given to PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program in hopes it will support direct services to those less fortunate in the vicinity. We are pleased to provide this support in memory of PRASAD’s former neighbors, Marion and Phil S.” Rebecca S. and Jay G.

about quality, accessibility of care:

Hurleyville, NY—Aboard PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program’s mobile dental clinic,  mom, Noraida C., listed the reasons why she chose PRASAD CDHP for her children’s dental care: “No waiting, friendly, the dentists are really good at making my kids feel comfortable and they are flexible with appointments.”  Noraida C.

about changing how people regard dental health care:


As a graduate student, part of my role is to observe classes at elementary schools. One of those schools, in rural upstate New York, has enjoyed regular visits by the PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program (PRASAD CDHP) for over a decade.

On my first visit, a staff member told her colleague that a recent phone call was “dental,” as if “dental” (meaning PRASAD CDHP) were a teacher right down the hall!

My second visit was to a first-grade class, where a little boy pointed out the window, exclaiming, “Why do they have a new bus? Why do they have a new bus?” referring to the new dental clinic parked outside. The teacher answered, “It’s the same bus.” However, another instructor said, “Actually they do have a new bus.”

The incidents showed me that the dental program has really become part of the school’s culture. How exciting to have confirmation that the concept of dental care has made a deep impression within this rural school system! Even first grade kids are interested in the goings-on of PRASAD CDHP and its mobile clinic.

Ten years ago, I worked for PRASAD CDHP and taught dental hygiene in schools, including the school I visit now. With this background, I am especially impressed to see how much has changed in one decade.

It is very gratifying to see the impression that the dental program has made and will undoubtedly continue to make on these children. I feel it is inevitable that these children will pass this awareness on to the next generation, breaking the cycle of ignorance about the need for proper dental care! Knowing this makes me feel especially happy to be a donor and well-wisher of PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program.

Submitted by L. Kumuda

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